Case Study — Designing and Launching an MVP Digital Healthcare Product for Caregivers

Kristin Zibell
3 min readJul 19, 2023


“What is the most valuable minimum viable product (MVP) to deliver to caregivers and teachers of children with ADHD?”

five screenshots of a healthcare app displayed together horizontally

Caregivers of children who’ve been diagnosed with ADHD are typically moms. They are moms who want their families to be happy and healthy, which is incredibly difficult when their child suffers from a chronic disease. As a product director at a digital therapeutics company, I was tasked with helping these moms answer the question, “is my child getting better?” in a time-saving, actionable, and helpful manner. My job was to research, design and define, plan, and deliver a valuable, engaging, and easy to use digital products that helps them monitor the symptoms of their child’s disease.



  • Conducted literature reviews and key opinion leader research to understand the disease state and clinical workflows, including problem areas to explore further
  • Surveyed and interviewed healthcare providers, caregivers, and teachers to understand how they currently monitor their child’s ADHD symptoms.

Analysis and Strategy

  • Consolidated and synthesized all user research into personas to drive a user-centered design process.
  • Generated insights from data about most valuable features and app engagement to support development of product value proposition.
  • Created a product roadmap that focused on learning from an MVP phase and iterating in future phases to prove out product and design hypotheses.

Design and Development

  • Designed the entire user experience of the MVP app starting with sketches and prototypes, which I placed in front of users to gauge whether or not the product was going in the right direction. Because of my background, I was playing a dual role at the start up.
  • Hired a behavioral economist to audit the UX for opportunities of more engagement in product usage. Delivered an engagement strategy that confirmed current designs and defined additional product requirements as a result.
  • Engaged user research agency for usability testing of clickable prototypes to iterate and refine design. A point of pride in the results — the satisfaction, comprehension, and value scores for specific screens and flows were consistently above 4.5/5, where 5 was extremely satisfied.
  • Defined validated product requirements and worked with a design agency and engineering teams to create software requirements for product backlog in support of continuous development.
  • Worked daily with engineering team to provide priority and guidance on user and business value of feature sets and requirements.

Measurement and Optimization

  • Developed beta test KPIs to measure engagement, value, and usability.
  • Created launch and learnings plan to ensure that KPIs were measured and managed to demonstrate value and users had several channels of user feedback and support.


We launched two MVP apps into beta test for iPhones!

Here’s some of the user feedback we received during testing:

“I was glad I could provide feedback. This week I am wishing I had something to track behavior better as I feel all over the place!”

“I’m really grateful that someone is working on something so encompassing — that makes it easier for parents like us. This is a helpful tool for someone like my husband and I who need the support.”

“My thanks also to the team for their efforts to develop programs to help the ADHD children of the world.”